Scientific instrumentation - PSH Research equipment
This instrument was designed and developed to assist scientists with their research into "thermoluminescent radiation" The instrument received international recognition and has been noted in several official publications and at international conferences. Applications for the instrument include archaeological dating and calibrating radioactive sources.

Medical apparatus - Proprietive Monitoring Unit
This purpose designed apparatus was built to measure and analyse the progress made by sports injury patients. It was a turnkey project carried from concept though to completion of its hardware functionality.

Industry applications - Vehicle management system
Designed as a management tool for commercial fleet owners, this sophisticated unit has several value-added features to save operation costs and time. The project included an array of external sensors which employ complex algorithms to analyse human movement patterns.

Radio Frequency networks- Multi-channel UHF-Link controller
Designed to provide a financial saving for the end user, this unit was developed to replace several fixed radio stations with a single point of control. Features include embedded self diagnostic and reporting routines. It was designed for ease of adaptability to a range of OEM equipment.

Precision engineering - Water level measuring

  • Accuracy within 62 micrometers

  • Dynamic measurements

  • Analogue and digital o/p ports for data logger

  • On-board dual DC-DC converter

  • 12 bit digital to analogue conversion

  • Minimal power consumption

  • Solar powered for field applications

Microprocessor and embedded micro-controller circuits

  • Application of cutting edge technology

  • Inherent value added features

  • Cost effective solutions

  • Adaptable to clients changing needs

Systems integration
We also enhance existing product ranges by embedding the power and flexibility of electronic circuits into them.

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